Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Nineteenth century social history

Those of you who follow my blogs on nineteenth century British social history might like to know that modified and more recent versions of the blogs are available as a series of Kindle books.  They have been published in two formats . As five single volumes:

  • Economy, Population and Transport
  • Work, Health and Poverty
  • Education, Crime and Leisure
  • Class
  • Religion and Government

Kindle Opening Liverpool Manchester5Kindle Volume 21Kindle Volume 31Kindle Vol 4Kindle Volume 5

Or as a single volume: Society under Pressure: Britain 1830-1914.  In addition, a supplementary volume Sex, Work and Politics: Women in Britain 1830-1918 has also been published in both print and Kindle versions.

Kindle Volume 61Women in the Nineteenth Century

All of these volumes are available at the click of a mouse from Amazon sites in the UK, Europe and North America and are now also available in India. 

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