Monday, 19 September 2011

Nineteenth Century British Society

Over the past years I have written a series of blogs on Nineteenth century British Society and these will continue.  During that time I have been asked on several occasions whether the blogs would be published as a book.  This is always an appealing request for an author but the material is too substantial for an established publisher to expend its resources on the publication of the material as a single volume.  As a result I decided that the best way to address the requests was to publish the material myself. 

Kindle Volume 2

The result is a series of five volumes on Nineteenth Century British Society  that will be published over the next six months:

Volume 1: Economy, Population and Transport
Volume 2: Work, Health and Poverty
Volume 3: Education, Crime and Leisure
Volume 4: Class
Volume 5: Government and Religion

Each volume will consist of between four and six chapters and will provide a detailed, up-to-date discussion of key developments in nineteenth and early-twentieth century Britain.

  • The key features of each volume:
  • Clear account of key developments
  • Most sections posed as questions
  • Widespread use of contemporary sources and illustrations
  • Kindle format allowing for easy updating
  • Low cost

The volumes will be available via Amazon

Kindle Volume 3

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