Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Two years on….


It’s two years since I started writing my blog and in that time it has received a large number of  hits.  This far exceeds what I hoped for and shows just how interested people are in History in its myriad forms.  Though I do not know who has used the site I can make a few educated guesses.  Use of the site is at its most intense during school terms and this suggests that many of those who read the blog are students studying for GCSE and Advanced Level.  I’ve noticed that the blog appears on several reading lists for university students as well.  Thanks for reading it and for your comments.

I’m planning to take a month off in August so the next blog won’t appear until early September (unless something comes up that I want to comment on).  Once I’ve completed the materials on the life of Louis VI (and there are two appendices to add), I intend to published annotated editions of two further sources, those of William of Apulia and Geoffrey Malaterra on southern Italy in the eleventh century.  In addition, I’m going to republish the material on Nineteenth Century Britain in an extended form with more detailed references.  This will certainly keep things going for the next year or so!

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